Pigskin Preparations


If you’ve never been to Oxford, Mississippi, add it to your bucket list. Though our rivals will always hate our team, I’ve personally witnessed even those who’ve vowed against the Rebels forever choose Oxford as the town to make their wedding vows. See Oxford and Ole Miss are relatively small compared to the coverage they get, on paper, online, on television, or in magazines.

Oxford has a population of less than 20,000, and student enrollment at the home campus is around 17,000. But every year it seems, the New York Times does an article on us or ESPN features the Grove. We provide great literary inspiration. I say “we” as if I had something to do with it, but I just consider myself a mere participant. My family tree’s relation to this university goes back as far as the beautiful oaks in the Circle, but I myself can’t claim too much credit. I just show up with an ice chest, some Colonel Reb gear, and food to pregame before I go watch the Rebels play.

Take a look at Scott Burton’s time-lapsed video of the Ole Miss game day experience. Then schedule a visit to Oxford sometime this fall.

How we’ve been preparing for the Grove

So with the first game of the season a few days away, we’ve been gathering supplies and making sure we are prepared. When hurricanes hit the Gulf, North Mississippi generally gets rain and some tornado warnings. With Hurricane Isaac being a Category 1, I am not expecting too much fuss. I’ll be prepared for rain, but nothing major. Then I turned on the news (!). If you watch Shepard Smith on Fox News, he speaks like a true Mississippian. He explains how Katrina was a Category 5, how it hit Waveland, Mississippi, and that New Orleans was never actually hit by the eye. New Orleans had flooding, and the rainwater broke the levees. Shepard can also pronounce Gautier, Pass Christian, Biloxi, and New Orleans so he’s really the only newsperson I can stand to listen to when it comes to hurricanes. Don’t even get me started on calling our state a Land Mass because you can’t remember its name. Another newscaster referred to the “Louisana-Alabama” border by forgetting our existence. It’s rough being a Mississippian watching national news. We either have something embarrassing, backward, and rare haunting us or a tornado has hit and newcasters search for toothless residents to feature.

All media bias aside, we are looking forward to a fresh new football season and hope to see you in the Grove!